Ryver R-Epoxy

Size: 1.5 Gal (5.6L)


R-EPOXY is a regular cure epoxy (24 hours). The application can be done by using an epoxy spreader, a lint-free roller or microfibers. Always respect the mixing ration 2A: 1B.

Application techniques for making multiple layers:

CHEMICAL ADHESION: To allow maximum adhesion, we recommend pouring the successive layers 24 hours apart.
MECHANICAL ADHESION: When the R-EPOXY is dry (more than 24 hours), we recommend lightly sanding (120 grit) the first layer. Thus, you will get better adhesion between the layers.


  • Seal and repair knots and cracks in the wood.
  • Surface application to strengthen and enhance the wood.
  • Enhance the chandelier, such as canvas and handicrafts.
  • Design of objects and jewelry.
  • Floor coverings
  • Recoveries of sustainable commercial projects.

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