Ryver R-Fast 5.6L, 11.3L, or 30L

Size: 1.5 Gal (5.6L)



Casting epoxy 1″ designed for charcuterie board

  • Solvant Free.
  • No shrinkage when drying.
  • Designed to pour up to 1″ without cooling fan
  • Odor free.
  • Ready to unmold after 3 days

Application techniques for making multiple layers:

  • CHEMICAL ADHESION: To allow maximum adhesion, we recommend pouring the successive layers when the product is dry to the touch, but still soft (texture similar to Jello). Never pour if the first layer is still liquid*.
  • MECHANICAL ADHESION: If the R-FAST is dry (more than 48 hours), we recommend sanding lightly (120 grit) the first layer. Thus, you will get better adhesion between the layers.



  • Mix by following the ratio 2A for 1B. Mix for 5 minutes counterclockwise (to create the
    fewer bubbles possible).
  • Add the pigments gradually. Mix until the desired result is obtained.
  • No fan required. Maximum thickness  by pour is 1”.
  • Ready to unmold 48/60 hours later (may vary depending on thickness and room temperature).

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